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Third-Party Certification

Oeko-Tex non-toxic eco-friendly certification

OEKO-TEX® is an international certification standard that ensures textiles and leather products are free from harmful substances and are safe for human contact. This standard covers all substances used in the manufacturing process, including dyes, additives, and processing agents. The OEKO-TEX® standard is widely applied in the production and consumption of textile and leather products, making it an important reference for consumers looking for eco-friendly products. This certificate confirms that our supplier meets and has passed the OEKO-TEX certification, but we are sorry that the company name must be redacted.

Color fastness test

Color fastness refers to whether the color of textiles will fade or transfer under the conditions of washing, exposure, friction, sweat, etc. It is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of textiles. Textiles with high color fastness can maintain good color vividness, are not easy to fade, will not cause skin irritation, and will not cause pollution to the environment

Before shipment, our fabrics will be tested internally to ensure that the color fastness reaches a high level before shipment, and continue the next process

The picture is an example of the most stringent seawater and chlorine water report results

Elastic resilience test

Elastic recovery is the ability of a material to return to its original shape after being stretched.

For swimwear, good resilience can not only maintain the comfort and beauty of the swimsuit, but also prevent the swimsuit from being deformed or loose

Swimsuits need to conform to the movement of the body in the water, and need to have good elasticity and recovery capabilities to provide sufficient support and protection. Therefore, the elastic resilience of the fabric not only affects the comfort and aesthetics of the swimsuit, but also directly affects the performance and life of the swimsuit

Each group of different fabrics will be tested internally to ensure high quality before shipment

and many other important tests

There are many other tests. Here we take the degree of pilling and the change of appearance after washing as an example. The results are all one level higher than the standard value.

You can see that the fabrics we use are all excellent and high quality :)