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Longer Wearing Period

Being in a technology island and a country renowned for its textile industry, we are proud to carefully select high-quality local suppliers in Taiwan. Our suppliers provide materials for world-renowned brands such as NIKE, DKNY, CALVIN KLEIN, etc. We use the same quality materials and have them produced by professional factories with decades of industry experience.

FAVALAVA not only makes swimwear,

From the very beginning of establishing our brand, we have been eco-minded. We believe that all women who love nature understand that when we love something, we want to protect it as much as we can. In recent decades, the consumption of textiles has surged dramatically, and the fashion industry has produced a large quantity of cheap but low-quality textile products to meet market demands. This has indirectly led to an increase in the replacement rate of clothing, meaning that the lifespan of cheap textiles is extremely short. As the life cycle of modern clothes ends, new products must be produced due to high demand, which means that more and more resources are being used and destined to be wasted.

We make good swimsuits.

Therefore, our main expectation for this brand is that it needs to be comfortable to wear and can be worn for a long time (until you no longer like it). When the conditions of not easily deforming or loosening are met, it results in less waste being produced. What you can do is: after wearing, hand wash your swimsuit with cold water or a neutral detergent without bleach, and hang it to dry. We recommend squeezing it out gently by hand, and then hanging the swimsuit from the waistline like a wetsuit, preferably turning the clothes inside out to dry, because the colors of synthetic fabric will inevitably fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Avoiding direct and continuous sunlight is important for extending the life of a swimsuit. Avoiding bleaching, tumble drying, or throwing it directly into the washing machine, any rough treatment will accelerate the aging of the elastic fibers, causing the swimsuit to gradually lose its elasticity. A good swimsuit deserves to be treated well, let's give it the greatest significance of its existence.