Local Manufacturing

Made in Beloved Formosa, Taiwan

Third-Party Certification

Approved By LAB

Low Waste Policy

Plastic-Free Package

Longer Wearing Period

Made Better, Wear Longer

Brand Philosophy

The origin of FAVALAVA?

The name FAVALAVA comes from the founder's appreciation for their home break. "Fave" refers to "favorite," while "lava" signifies Turtle Island, which is still an active volcano. The initial "f" represents that FAVALAVA is a brand exclusively for females and founded by a female.

design concept

FAVALAVA is a women's swimwear brand that is nature-based. Our designs draw heavily from nature, and we care about and enjoy giving back to nature. Our designs carry the beauty of nature and transform the respect for nature into the core of our design, aiming to support women in water sports by transforming the beauty of the female body through elegant and classic swimwear designs. We know that in the male-dominated surfing culture, women, as a smaller group, must have a style full of confidence and energy. Therefore, we choose to use better materials to create beautiful swimwear that is practical, durable, and functional. We don't aim to follow trends; we create classic and elegant silhouettes. So that years later, when you find that swimsuit in your wardrobe, you will still want to wear it.

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