Local Manufacturing

Made in Beloved Formosa, Taiwan

Third-Party Certification

Approved By LAB

Low Waste Policy

Plastic-Free Package

Longer Wearing Period

Made Better, Wear Longer

Local Manufacturing

Recycle environmentally friendly raw materials

FAVALAVA strives to use recycled and eco-friendly materials, collaborating with local factories to produce professional swimwear fabrics that are skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. Our basic printed swimsuits, depending on the style, use about 3-5 recycled PET bottles per piece. For printing, we use eco-friendly sublimation technology that saves water and avoids excess dye, in contrast to traditional screen printing that uses more dye than necessary and requires additional energy and water for washing and setting. Our dyes are environmentally certified, passing Oeko-Tex's non-toxic inspection to ensure that downstream manufacturers use certified eco-friendly dyes.

ethical production

Taiwan has a rich manufacturing tradition and excellent craftsmanship, capable of producing high-quality swimwear using quality local materials. Beyond these basic values, we also consider ethical production as one of our core values. FAVALAVA collaborates with various professional local factories, and we have personally visited these factories to ensure that every craftsman receives fair wages and working conditions.

Taiwan: The Island of Functionality

Taiwan is renowned for its manufacturing expertise and tradition, especially in the production of sporting goods and functional apparel. The suppliers we choose also provide materials for well-known international brands. Their stable quality and years of manufacturing experience bring comfort and ease to those who love FAVALAVA.

Respecting this land is our original intention that we will not forget. From the selection of fabrics to sampling and production, we use MIT (Made in Taiwan) products and services as much as possible. This not only reduces the external costs of international transport carbon emissions but also contributes to the environment and the local economy. However, we must admit that we cannot control 100% of the materials to be made in Taiwan. Therefore, we choose to use MIT products as much as possible within our range. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at pei@favalava.co.