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Low Waste Policy

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Low Waste Policy

Plastic products are ubiquitous, from disposable tags to size labels, sanitary stickers, or decorative materials. For a designer, it's easy to use plastic products for various purposes at a low price, but Favalava is unwilling to compromise easily.


We choose to use paper sanitary stickers and all-paper tags, threading them with twine by hand, to avoid using polyester fiber labels that are uncomfortable and quickly cut off after wearing (wearability: 5 seconds). We opt for the more expensive heat transfer labels that are pressed onto the inner surface of the fabric, which not only prevents additional waste but also makes the fabric more skin-friendly when worn.

BELLA One Piece 小V領露背連身泳衣 - FAVALAVA

FAVALAVA chooses not to use decorative metal hardware, even though shiny metal logos and tags sewn on with thread may be eye-catching. They can still fall into the ocean or be discarded as regular trash when they fall off. However, we do not reject all metal products; we only use them where they are most needed, not as mere decorations.