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Member discount plan

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For every member order, FAVALAVA rewards at least 2% of the order amount in points back to the reward account.

In addition to accumulating points through purchases, you can also earn points or upgrade your membership through interactions with us✨

Accumulate "Wave Points" on the official website through various methods, and you can buy your favorite items at a more favorable price~



Membership Levels and Rewards


VIP level Upgrade conditions Point rewards Additional order discount
Surfer Starter (General Member) N/A 2% of each purchase amount N/A
Surfer Turning
Spend $8000
3% of each purchase amount
5% off
Surfer Cutting Back
Spend $14,000
4% of each purchase amount
10% off
Surfer Taking Off Spend $20,000
6% of each purchase amount
15% off


How to participate in the Wave Points Reward Program?

How to accumulate and exchange wave points?

1. Check the FAQ first

2. Start unlocking missions to earn points

3. Use wave points to redeem discounts


FAVALAVA reserves the right to modify and terminate the activity at any time. Any changes or detailed precautions will be directly adjusted in the gadget without prior notice.