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Eco-Minded Swimwear

Many environmental policies are implemented under the framework of our brand. Since our establishment, we have continuously donated 2% of our net profits to non-profit organizations that support the ocean and the environment. In our production and shipping processes, we insist on not using plastic packaging and have gradually adopted more environmentally friendly recycled fabrics as we grow.

Hear from the Founder🫶

We believe that everyone is most beautiful in their natural state, although this might sound cliché. What we want to say is that everyone has their own basic settings, and external aesthetics should not define who you are. Wear what you think is the best and be yourself!

We insist on MIT manufacturing and ethical production

The production process of swimwear involves many procedures, from spinning yarn to weaving fabric, dyeing to printing, finishing and inspecting the fabric. Then comes the subsequent cutting, sewing, quality inspection, and packaging. FAVALAVA completes the entire process in our beloved homeland of Taiwan, and we also cooperate with different factories that have several decades of industry experience.


Let me talk about the conclusion first: a swimsuit that can be worn for surfing can be worn anywhere🤌 So let's directly discuss what swimsuit should be worn for surfing.

Although in a broad sense, you can wear anything, but it is still recommended to focus on coverage , and the most recommended is to wear a one-piece swimsuit .

Swimsuits are a special style of clothing. Unlike ordinary clothes, the tailoring is determined by the looseness, but the elasticity of the fabric determines the wearing feeling. One-piece swimsuits can cover the body from top to bottom, left and right . Compared with only left and right elastic directions A supportive two-piece (bikini) swimsuit must have better coverage

We know that many people still like to wear bikinis, so when choosing a bikini, it is to increase the coverage of the left and right elastic directions as much as possible , including: more fabrics, crossed shoulder straps, wider shoulder straps...etc.

But in the end, you still have to consider your mastery of engaging in a particular sport. No matter what clothes you wear, safety is the most important thing.

Due to the texture and elasticity of swimwear fabric, it is inevitable that sand will get stuck. If sand is trapped, it is recommended to dry the fabric and then flick out the sand particles. If wearing light-colored swimwear, please avoid direct contact with the sand, as it will be difficult to clean out when you get home.

Absolutely, our fabrics have passed both seawater and pool chlorine fastness tests. However, due to the chemical nature of pool chlorine, it is important to rinse the swimwear with clean water as soon as possible after wearing, as prolonged exposure can damage the elastic fibers in the fabric.

After wearing, it is recommended to hand wash your swimwear with cold water or a neutral detergent without bleach and hang it to dry. I suggest gently squeezing out the water and then hanging it upside down from the waistline to dry. The colors of synthetic fabric will gradually fade under prolonged exposure to sunlight, so it is also necessary to avoid continuous direct sunlight. Do not bleach, tumble dry, or throw directly into the washing machine during the washing process. Any rough treatment will accelerate the aging of the elastic fibers, causing the swimwear to gradually lose its elasticity.