NOVA Bottom 高腰比基尼褲 - FAVALAVA
NOVA Bottom 高腰比基尼褲 - FAVALAVA
NOVA Bottom 高腰比基尼褲 - FAVALAVA
NOVA Bottom 高腰比基尼褲 - FAVALAVA
NOVA Bottom 高腰比基尼褲 - FAVALAVA
NOVA Bottom 高腰比基尼褲 - FAVALAVA
NOVA Bottom 高腰比基尼褲 - FAVALAVA
NOVA Bottom 高腰比基尼褲 - FAVALAVA
NOVA Bottom 高腰比基尼褲 - FAVALAVA
NOVA Bottom 高腰比基尼褲 - FAVALAVA

NOVA High-Waist Bottom

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The NOVA bottoms are an updated version of the NORA bottoms.

We've relaxed the sizing a bit for more comfort and raised the high-waist height a little. About 80% of people wearing it can cover their belly buttons. If you don't like showing too much belly, this style is an easy choice!

Suitable for various underwater activities: surfing, diving, swimming, SUP.

Design Highlights

Size Normal Fit Runs Small Normal Fit
Height Covers the belly button for half of the people
Covers the belly button for 60% of the people
Covers the belly button for 80% of the people
Butt Coverage
May squeeze with wide elastic bands Not much Not much

For the Daisy Bikini set, we offer two bottom designs:

【ISHA】 A mid-low waist design with a subtle V-shape, the high sides and low center lines make the waist-to-hip ratio look more beautiful!

【NOVA】 Raised slightly higher to ensure the high waist covers more, comfortable elasticity, suitable for those who like more coverage or want to hide their belly.


Retro and colorful patterns, suitable for mixing and matching with various tops and bottoms. We recommend getting the whole set for a perfect mix and match before it goes out of stock again!

swimsuit size chart

Item is in stock Only 0 left in stock Item is out of stock Item is unavailable

size S
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Many brands on the market do not accept returns or exchanges for swimwear, considering them to be personal garments.

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Janey: 170CM 50KG
Measurements 32 inches/24 inches/34 inches wear S

Shell: 83% Nylon 17% Spandex
Lining: 84% Nylon 16% Spandex

Do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron, hand wash in cold water, dry in the shade

*Please note*

FAVALAVA is shipped in bare packaging to avoid the use of disposable plastic packaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Surfing is essentially the most intense and impact-prone of all water sports. Therefore, a swimsuit suitable for surfing should also be fine for diving, SUP, swimming, and essentially any other water activity.

To enhance your sense of security, the most important factor is coverage. Swimsuits are a special type of clothing that, unlike regular clothes, which are tailored based on looseness, are determined by the elasticity of the fabric. We highly recommend one-piece swimsuits that can cover your body in all directions, as opposed to two-piece (bikini) swimsuits that only provide support in the left and right directions, which are definitely more secure.

We know many people still like to wear bikinis, so when choosing a sports swimsuit or bikini, try to increase the coverage in the left and right directions, including more fabric, crossed straps, wider straps, etc.

But regardless of whether you're selecting a surfing swimsuit, a diving swimsuit, or a rash guard, please remember that safety is the most important thing!

Due to the weave and elasticity of swimsuit fabric, it's inevitable that sand will get trapped. If this happens, it's recommended to dry the swimsuit and then stretch the fabric to shake out the sand grains. If you're wearing a light-colored swimsuit, try to avoid direct contact with the sand, as it will be difficult to clean when you get home.

Absolutely, our fabrics have not only passed seawater colorfastness tests but also chlorine water fastness tests for pool use. However, due to the chemical nature of pool chlorine, it's important to rinse the swimsuit with fresh water as soon as possible after wearing. Otherwise, the chlorine can damage the elastic fibers in the fabric over time.

You can hand wash your swimsuit with cold water and a mild detergent that does not contain bleach, and then hang it to dry in the shade. I would recommend squeezing it dry gently and then hanging it inside out from the waistline to avoid direct sunlight. The colors of synthetic fabrics will inevitably fade over time with prolonged exposure to sunlight, so it's best to avoid continuous direct sunlight. Do not bleach, tumble dry, or put your swimsuit in the washing machine, as any harsh treatment will accelerate the aging of the Spandex, causing the swimsuit to lose its elasticity over time.

If you have the need for intense activities, such as surfing or pole dancing, it's recommended to choose high-waisted styles. Our CARA high-waisted pants have slightly increased the width at the crotch area to provide better protection against exposure!