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8 Tips for Beginner Female Surfers

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As someone who has been surfing for a few years, I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but I've noticed more and more women falling in love with surfing and wanting to learn. I want to share some tips for beginners based on my experience, which can be useful not only for women but for some men too!

After all, surfing isn't just about getting stronger; safety is the most important thing.



1. Find a Good Partner

Surfing alone is risky and romantic, enjoying the cool seawater and sea breeze at the beach in summer. But remember, you're going into the water, not just staying on controllable land. Beginners should avoid going into the water alone, as it's hard to guarantee when you might need support. Plus, having a partner to share the experience with makes it more fun!

At least go surfing with a friend, and the more, the better. You can look out for each other, and the learning process will be more encouraging and faster.

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2. Find a Good Coach

For beginners in Taipei, Wushi Harbor in Yilan is a common place to learn surfing. The surfing shop culture in the north is different from that in the south or east. Generally, you can rent a board for NT$500 with "basic teaching," but this teaching is very basic. If you're serious about learning to surf, I recommend spending NT$1,000 to NT$2,000 to book a professional surf coach. Otherwise, the basic teaching in ordinary shops is usually handled by part-time assistants.

Luckily you might have a fun day and go home happy. But with a bit of bad luck, you might get injured due to a lack of proper surfing concepts. The coast is full of beginners in summer, and it's hard to control yourself or your board, let alone others' boards, when it's crowded. Safety is always the top priority in any sport, especially surfing.

Also, most surf shops in Wushi Harbor are okay, except for one shop that girls should be especially careful of. Google "Wushi Harbor surfing sexual assault" and you might find some new information. This is a piece of advice from the shop owner ❤

Or if you want to know which shop I recommend, feel free to message me.

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3. Apply Physical Sunscreen

First-time female surfers usually have very fair skin, as they rarely expose themselves to the sun.

Although the thought of sunshine and beaches leads to bikinis, you'll be under the sun for hours. Prolonged exposure on the same day will definitely cause mild burns to your skin, leading to peeling when you get home. Besides the burning sensation, blisters are common, indicating mild burns. Large areas of burns can leave scars and make it hard to sleep.

If you insist on wearing a bikini, make sure to apply ocean-friendly sunscreen. Refusing any chemical sunscreens that harm the ocean is a basic duty of a sea-loving girl.

Another detail: beginner female surfers often float on the board for hours because they can't sit on it. The back of your legs (from thighs to calves) will get sunburned due to the long hours of lying down without contact with seawater...

The key point is that only the backside gets burned, not the front! So it's recommended to learn to sit on the board as soon as possible. Otherwise, wearing leggings is your best physical sunscreen!


4. The Sand is Super Hot in Summer

This might seem obvious, but let's say it together:

"The sand is super hot in summer."

  1. Never leave your slippers too far from the beach! If you go to the beach early and leave at 11 AM, walking back to where you left your slippers can really burn your feet!

  2. If possible, try not to wear ordinary flip-flops or styles like Birkenstock that cover the toes. Hot sand might get into the sides of your feet (like the sandy beaches at Baisha Bay). Birkenstock-style sandals will trap all the hot sand, accumulating it next to your toes, especially when you have to walk a long way back to the parking lot. It's terrifying...

So let's say it again:

"The sand is super hot in summer!"


5. Remember to Hydrate and Refuel

The summer sun is really intense. Bring a large bottle of water and hydrate regularly. Not only can this prevent dehydration, but it also keeps your skin hydrated at all times. After-sun care will be much easier. 😎


6. Understand the Currents and How to Deal with Them

Every beach has currents, and currents can be both a surfer's friend and a beginner's nightmare. A good current can use its energy to quickly take you out without much effort. But when you're a beginner and not yet prepared for the sea, being carried out by a current without basic ocean knowledge and coping skills can put you in a state of extreme tension. When people are tense, they tend to become less calm and use up oxygen more quickly, creating a vicious cycle that can put you in an even more dangerous situation. So before you go into the water, make sure to understand the local currents, ask your coach about the local ocean knowledge, and fully understand which areas are safe and suitable for your level. After all, safety is the most important thing!

7. Understand Your Physical Limits


If you're a girl who rarely exercises, please pay attention to your physical condition! Just standing on the beach and fighting against the current is tiring enough, let alone using your arm muscles to hold a big board that you're not used to. Reserve your strength to face any sudden situations, because safety is the most important thing in surfing (without exception).

pic from @chrissytsai1201


8. Wear the Right Swimsuit

Finally, we come to my expertise, haha. In addition to choosing a suitable swimsuit for surfing that won't fall off, here are some combinations for you. As for how to choose a stable swimsuit, we'll discuss it later! Below are some swimsuit combinations you can choose based on your needs:

  • Ultimate Sun Protection Set: Long-sleeve rashguard + leggings + hat
  • Basic Sun Protection Recommendation: Long-sleeve one-piece swimsuit + hat
  • Simple Sun Protection Combination: A complete bikini set + long-sleeve rashguard
  • Sunburn Doesn't Matter Set: A complete bikini set

A little advice for beginners: please don't wear thong swimwear, thank you. Imagine how cute it is to stand and take photos in a thong swimsuit, but can you guarantee that your legs will stay closed 100% of the time when you're lying on the board? I've seen more than once at sea, girls lying on longboards wearing thong swimsuits, and apart from the middle part being covered, the rest is pretty obvious. So, please be careful, ladies!!!

If you still have questions after reading this, or if you have difficulty choosing a swimsuit, feel free to message us directly 🌼

新手 衝浪

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8個新手女生學衝浪的小TIPS - FAVALAVA
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